I'm getting the run around from these repo reps! I was behind two payments in July I set up June July and August payments all in July one week after another got a confirmation number for all 3!

Funds were only deducted once for June nothing for July or August

My car was re-poed and they never took funds or left me messages stating there was an issue! As far as I knew we were all set till September

Funds were and still are in my account no attempts were made to my bank at all according to the ACH department! Now I have no car and they expect me to pay an Extra 350$ for their error??!! Can someone help/explain this to me??

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Dallas, Texas, United States #713690

Let me start off by stating that i was an Wells Fargo Dealer services customer and During this period i never had a problem with Wells Fargo Dealer service's concerning my vehicle.Once you got 2 month's behind,You should have telephoned Wells Fargo Dealer Services and Paid the full 2 months over the telephone and Then ACH the August payment.This way you would have been caught up to date and Your August payment would have been ACH from your account.You cannot make a single payment for June and Not make the July payment later it does not work like that.Whatever you are behind has to be paid in full in order to get to the point of satisfaction with Wells Fargo Dealer Services.In other word's,You should have paid June and July in full,And then ACH your August payment.You cannot pay for 1 month and Hope these people wait on another payment the following month.By doing what you did,You still were behind on your monthly payment's.Say for instance your monthly payment is $400.00,Then you should have paid $800.00 to bring your account up to date.Wells Fargo Dealer Services is a Bank ok.If they go along with everyone that get's behind on their monthly vehicle payment's,Were do you think they will end up?OUT OF BUSINESS.I did not read anywhere where you attempted to telephone these people and Make arraigements to pay them.Even if you got an confirmation back,Why?Did you not contact Wells Fargo Dealer Services and Speak to an csr.This is not Wells Fargo Dealer Services fault,It is your fault.Pay the money you owe it for not being responsible.This is if you want your vehicle back.

to LINDA #713785

Thanks Linda but that's exactly what I did I paid June in July less than 30 days past due set up for July and August for the next week pay period and after the 19th past I spoke to customer service and she stated it was all set! So yes I did contact them regarding the missed payment I was told sometimes efts take a while to draw from the bank... If they had an issue with withdrawal I didn't hear anything about it till I was re-poed I checked with my bank to see if there were any attempts and none were made

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #713558

Feel fortunate, you were 2 months behind before they repo'd you.

Most will repo after 1 month.

BTW, if you decide to skip 2 months, you will get repo'd, it isn't rocket science!

to Eddie #713656

Actually let me correct that I was 1 moth behind payment they took brought me current they didn't ACH the next 2 months payments and I was re-poed

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