After 3 1/2 years of having a car loan through Wells Fargo Dealer Services and asking for only 1 deferred car payment 1 year after my loan I called to ask for a deferred car payment(6-25-2013) for my husband being laid off work(union laborer). They told me NO!

They said they can only do it if he goes back to work and can prove he has a 6 month job guaranteed. I explained that hes been a union laborer since before the loan and this is how his job works.

I told them he receives unemployment and I also receive court ordered child support but the answer was still NO with very rude customer service. Ill never again have any kind of loan through this inconsiderate company

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I had a house loan for 5 years with Wells Fargo was never late once I've had a car now for a year I've always been early I called last month that differ a payment they said I had to be there 12 months so I made the 12th payment and I called this month to differ the one month payment and they told me since my unemployment's running out they can't do for it until I get a job if I had a job and money why would I need to defer it?

to Anonymous #1398483

Yes I agree , It seems wells fargo doesn't really want to help at all. I am going to take my money out of their bank.

to Anonymous #1400693

Last time I checked, Wells Fargo was a business...NOT your charity!


Wells Fargo Account Manager John at the 1-800 # Was so RUDE!!! When I asked what the criteria for skipping a car payment was. I will never do business with Wells Fargo Again and plan to refinance elsewhere!!

to ***ed In Salem #1400696

Come on! Stomp those feet now!

Dallas, Texas, United States #713714

If you recieve Child Support Payments and Your husband recieve unemployment.Why?Again could you not pay your car payment.And why?Do you not a job as well?Did i miss something?


Maybe your husband was laid off because union laborers demand more money than they are worth. Take a look at Detroit. There is your union's handywork right there.

to Anonymous #841508

Very ignorant and just flat out *** response.

to Anonymous Bloomington, Indiana, United States #895611

Linda, the guy with the ugly response is a *** that works at starbucks. Doesn't realize that the people that build the hospitals, quarries the stone, mines our coal, and builds the roads we drive on are union workers.

We are not all GM employees looking for 10 year retirement. And we are also not immigrants looking for a non-union job we can work for minimum wage in a right to work state.

to Joe stephenS #1025268

Joe stephenS you are just as big of an *** as who you are reffering to.

to Anonymous #1551529

Being anonymous doesn't give you a valid voice.

Celebration, Florida, United States #688184

Yesterday was the first deferred payment i have asked for and i only had to affirm that we had unexpected medical expense or family job hardship in the last 90 days...it took all of 15 minutes...very belpful! We have been paying on this truck since march of 2009 and never late on a payment! Very helpful!

Dallas, Texas, United States #683603

I kinda know how you feel on this. I was granted a deffered payment 2 months ago, but they sent me the wrong paperwork and said i could email it in.

after emailing it 6 times to 3 different people they finally said they received it.

Now my payment was due on the 12 but i am in the middle of moving my shop and concerned about what kind of fees i may have setting up my new utilities and such that i was waiting to pay it. They called me today and informed me that my deferment was rejected and since i have not paid this month i am about to be moving to the next step of collections, whatever that means.

Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #674162

Never tell banks you are unemployed. Republicans have help banks get away with BS like this.

The sad thing is how many people needed a deferment and was told no for being temporary unemployed and could not catch up and ended up loosing their cars. The banks really only hurt themselves. I wonder how many went into Bankruptcy over banks doing BS like this.

Vote Democrats if you really want to punish bankers

to billy #1079139

Democrats huh? How clueless you are too what's happening in the real world..

Sheep like you are being led right to the wolves. Unfortunately, there are far too many blind sheep these days.

to Anonymous #1442615

They should never be allowed near a voting booth.

to billy #1442614

Bahahahahahaha. You sound like you have an IQ of possibly 10.

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