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Wells Fargo Dealer Services should be ashamed of the people that represent them as a company! The guys that work there and that call themselves customer service representatives are rude, and have no idea what customer service means.

I do not know who provides these guys with training, but let me tell whomever had trained these guys you FAILED. They are rude, liars and very very very disrespectful, and they also threaten their clients.

All i have to say is the human resources at wells fargo dealer services are hiring just anybody to do the job WRONG! I am disappointed and will never ever deal with them after i am done with my loans, and i am also going to do my research if i can transfer the to another auto loan company i will be doing that soon!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #599310

Pay your payment's on time and You will not have this problem with WELLS FARGO DEALER SERVICES or Anyone else.Just because you have heartship's does not mean these companies does not want their payment's on time.We all have heartship's at sometime are the other.But tell me what company can survive if they let everyone slide by?Stop blaming the companies and Put blame where it goes,On yourself.

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