I have never experienced anything like the service I received from Wells Fargo! The customer service rep I spoke with so rude I requested to speak with a supervisor who got on the phone and was even WORST then the rep.

They were ingorant, demeaning, and insensitive. I only have seven more months on my car auto and I have extermely happy. I can't wait to get these people out of my life forever.

I would rather do business with the devil than these people. If you are considering doing business with them do yourself a favor and DON'T!!!

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Wells Fargo screwed up my home loan and pulled too much money from my account for several months. The manager I spoke to refunded the most recent amount and told me I wouldn't need to make a payment until the 1st of the month.

3 Weeks later their debt collectors contact me claiming the money that was sent to me was my payment for the month, which I was now 3 weeks late for. The manager I spoke with this time said the first manager had made a mistake and refused

every term that was previously agreed upon. They refused to do anything to rectify a problem that was the result of their mistakes to begin with. Wells Fargo outsources all of their customer service.

They don't care what customers think or say. As long as they have the money to lend, they'll stay in business no matter how poor their service is.


I do understand the problems you've been going through having to deal with the Wells Fargo Company. But your spelling grammar needs improvement as well.

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