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Wells Fargo! You should be embarrassed. How Dare You! Take our tax dollars- dollars that could have been used to fund our schools. Lord knows they need it. You took the money and now treat your account holders like dirt!

Your employees constantly harassing people.

Take this for instance.

My husband and I bought a car in 2005. The term was 72 monthly payments with NO balloon. We have made between 70 and 75 payments depending on who you speak to. Our Loan term was over in February per the contract. And now they say we still owe over $3K. No one can explain why, no one can send me an account statement and they are making threats to repossess the vehicle which is PAID OFF, unless we pay them $3K by the end of this month. They talk to me like I am some dumb broad, then I tell them I have the ORIGINAL contract they start yelling at me and threatening me. SHAME ON YOU! WE THE PEOPLE are the reason you still operate, the reason YOU all have jobs and we are left UNEMPLOYED! And you have the audacity to continue robbing us! Come out from behind your desk and grow some brass ones and start taking responsibility for YOUR actions!

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Hey everyone...Wells Fargo Dealer Services is about to get sued! This is a winning case!

I've had it and its time for them to pay. Anyone heard of a repo man dropping the car..well it just happened to me..who the *** do they have running this clown show? Wrong name on the repo paperwork,they don't post payments then send repo man and make me PAY!..Does anyone have a good lawyer?? I think we should class action.

This is against the Sana Anna Branch..oh and BTW this happened TODAY while in front of my friends while signing paperwork for a new embarrasing!I really need help on the right lawyer..Anyone?? contact:

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