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How do we pissed off consumers start a class action lawsuit against wells Fargo dealer services?

I want in on this! They burned me even when I offered up 1,464 which I only had to pay 864.00 for 86 days of past due amount because unemployment screwed me over which caused me to loose my car.

Original review posted by user Aug 09, 2012

I had a car financed thru wells Fargo dealer services and I notified them that I had became unemployed.

My car got repossessed at 1:30am so I called wells Fargo to find out how much i owed to get my car back.

The branch manager Mark Anorf refused the three months that I had not paid, and also refused to allow automatic deduction out of my checking account.

He told me the only way that I could get my car back was to pay off the loan and the repossession and accursed interest fee which totals 13,000.

I explained the situation as to what happened with unemployment holding my benefits and that I guareenteed payments would be on time.

I spent 45 min on the phone with him and at the end of the conversation he hung up on me.

I called this morning to request at least to have the 22" rims removed that I had put on December of 2011 as well as my system to be removed.

They said no. I explained that I had the stock rims n tires and that the rims and tires are worth more than what I owe for the past three months and my system was worth 4 times that amount of what I owe them.

They still said no.

I have made every attempt to try and and work with them and they still refuse to accept my payment of 863.00 that's for three months by the way and the entire staff was rude and degrading.

Mark refused to give me his managers name and he made a comment stating that the decision comes down to him and he said no.

I was evicted from my apartment and I was moving around staying at my friends houses so I never had a permanent address to provide to them. I got into

My place and three days later they repossessed my car.

My loan with them started 7/30/2011 and all of my payments

Were on time up until Jan 25,2012 when I was fired from my job that I had been working at for four years. I called wells Fargo and explained what had happened in February when my payment needed to be paid.

Unemployment released my benefits in may, by then it was to late because I was already being evicted.

I explained to Mark everything that had happened even with a restraining order filed due to ex physically assaulting me.

Mark said "everyone has a choice Tina" you could have gotten out of the situation and called us to make a payment instead of ignoring us.

I told him that my ex would take my phone and hide it from me and go as far as deleting recent calls, messages, to when I finally got away from him.. He took my phone.

Now I live at a house thru my aunt away from this dude and my unemployment benefit are starting up on Tuesday and Mark still refuses to accept any payment from me to get my car back.

This was my first loan and it's been the worst experience that I have ever had so far.

For Loan company to say the comments he did and refuse money right over the phone and refuse to accept automatic withdrawal every month is absurd.

Anyone now who can help me out here., please fill free to email me because according to the contract I have I can get my car back as long as I pay the months owed and late fee as well..

Wells Fargo dealer services is in breach of contract with me and I am at a loss on what to do here.

My email is Monte_carlo04@ymail.com

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Lol ok so I read the subject and didn’t even try to read the actual complaint. It’s easy as this: you didn’t have the payment on time, you get your car taken away.

Stop blaming a company for doing their job. If you cannot make a payment on time, YOU ARE TO BLAME. I wish everyone would understand that.

Companies aren’t here to hear your pity story. No one cares honestly.

to Anon #1533753

The complaint is about wells making it impossible to get your car back even if you have the money. They hold it hostage even when the customer I'd willingly trying to take care of it.

Obviously she knows she didn't pay hence it was repossessed, buy their protocols thereafter are not streamlined or as efficient as other lenders.

They go out of their way to make it more difficult instead of just taking the funds owed and solving the issue. Try actually reading it.


Well in my repo situation after loosing over half of my income after I had bought the vehicle which isn't worth anything,and contacting WFDS to inform about the situation the notice doc I received in the mail as certified had INCORRECT info on it. Tell me how that's legally allowed


They are under NO OBLIGATION to allow you to redeem the car especially if you gave shown to be a serial late payer. Perhaps you should have been making your car payments instead of buying ridiculous wheels!

San Diego, California, United States #1313426


Class Action Lawsuit against Wells Fargo Dealership Services

to BC #1390663

Right! The ONLY people who would even remotely consider something stupid like this are the crying, whining serial deadbeats who blame everybody else for what THEY have failed to do and THATS A FACT.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1290382

I'm in the same boat, just had my truck repossessed Friday at 4am, just came home from work. I would set up payments through their sites, but they seemed to have issues taking the money from bank account so they would end up charging my late fees and return fees.

So I would resend the $ through money gram (with a fee). I had a lot of mechanical repairs done on the truck, so it has set me back 2 months behind. I called the # Friday and was told to call back later, which I did and they were already closed. I know they are Pacific time compared to me in eastern time zone.

I was told by the repo guy the truck will sit there for 7-10 days then it will be transported to Columbus to the auction site.

I hope I can get ahold of wells fargo before then. I want to get my truck back, only have about 8 months left on the loan.

to anonymous #1327808

We are currently going through something similar with them. We fell behind on our vehicle and when I called to make the payments for the past two months and pay ahead a month they would refuse payment.

They demanded the full amount of the loan and said it's not considered a charge off.

We told them we couldn't pull 14,000 out of the air to just come get the vehicle. Now three months later 4-5 direct phone calls to them they have not picked up the car and are now sueing us?

to Anonymous #1390654

They are under no obligation to do a redemption since YOU already showed them YOU are a poor credit risk. Suing you for the deficiency after the repo is normal.

All this was caused by YOU and as such, YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM. There's nobody to blame for this but YOU.

to Anonymous #1440499

And YOU are a ***

to Anonymous #1502173

"WE FELL BEHIND" I believe that's what I read! Do you know them or something to know what caused them to fall behind on their payments?

Sickness, job loss, death, perhaps.Caused by them or not there are laws that protect their rights and depending on the state you live in are given an opportunity to correct your mistakes. WFDS does not follow the laws that are put in place and that's the issue here. There is reinstatement and redemption option within the allotted time given, false information is given and forcibly only giving one option waiting for time to run out to auction the vehicle.

So maybe you should stop giving opinions that no one asked you for and stop pointing fingers. Do your job follow the laws and use your finger to type in their account number and properly service your customers.

to Anonymous #1533756

Hopefully nothing bad ever happens to you. What with you coming here to comment something so unnecessary and unhelpful for no reason


*** Wells Fargo dealer services they are taking me through the same exact thing here in Washington DC I need a lawyer I wish I knew a lawyer


There's a new class action in Pennsylvania against Wells Fargo Dealer Services for the way it handled its repossessions. http://www.wellsfargorepoclassaction.com/


Wells Fargo dealer services , charge off my account with I was in a third world country for a death. First the blocked the account so I couldn't make payments then they requesting full amount on a car that hasn't been repossessed. There service is horrible and I will win this class action lawsuit against them.


For the past 2 years I've been trying to contact Wells fargo to repo my car and they tell me they don't have my name or account number on file. I want them to take it .

I can't afford the car. there's no number i can reach to tell them to take the car. Does anybody know a number?

I'm in the NY area.



Car repossed today by wells fargo. Im trying to get it back.

I been making payments but got 2 months behind to help pay for my father's funeral. Will they make me do a redemption? I dont have the money to pay off my car and i need it to get to work and kids to school.

I have not slept or eaten since this happened.

to rhonda #1120557

Did you got your car back

Ramona, California, United States #855698

Sorry this all happened. But, you do sound like quite a *** and probably provoked it.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #840282

All this is scary. I was thinking of buying a vehicle through wells fargo. Guess not

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