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I did not know that soooo... many people were having problems with this company. I have taken to not answering their calls. One time I did, the guy was rude (they try to use local area codes and exchanges when the 800 or 877 numbers are not successful) I said good-bye and hung up. I started saving these numbers under "DO NOT ANSWER". I don't need them to tell me when my payment is late, I already know that. If you (Wells Fargo) are not willing to work with people, don't call.

Another problem is that do won't allow you to make a partial payment online. If you need to make a partial payment go through your bank's bill pay. Check with your bank, I learned that my bank sends paper checks so it may cause the payment to be late. Again, check with your bank as to if they pay electronically or by paper check.

You do not have to accept rude behavior so don't. When they threaten my credit ratings I just tell them okay. I have offered for them to pick up my car, they don't want the car, they have too many houses and cars as it is.

The whole point is to intimidate us into giving them money. If you don't have it, you don't have it, pay the late fee, pay what you can and relax. Life happens as one writer said and it sure does.

We can also turn the tables on the them like one consumer did and call them everyday and tell them "I don't have the money today" several times a day. The company asked him to stop calling, I guess they don't like it any more than we do.

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i had 1 vehicle repossed that i was holding a clear title to , they told any body can go get a title iwas never notified that they had sold my acct. and never sent a right to cure letter, two days later they came and repossed my truck for 2 payments late ,they are not willing to work out anything on either vehicle they want 7500.00 for both vehicles in full.

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