Lakeport, California

They are extremely rude on the phone, would call me BEFORE my payment was even late, threaten to repo my vehicle when I made payment arrangements with them. I actually paid them over $600.00 in one month, and they still kept insisting that I owed them over 2 months of payments.

I did a payment directly out of my WELLS FARGO bank account through bill pay and they sent a tow truck to my house to pick up my car after debiting the payment from my account! I called them furious, and they told me "oh your payment was rejected" and I had to actually wire them another payment by 5 o clock that night (which was $15.00) and had to wait another 5 days to get the original payment posted back to my account........I will NEVER deal with these rude people again!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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