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Wells Fargo Dealership Services (WFDS), which is a separate entity from Wells Fargo banking, is to be avoided. We financed a auto-loan through them and over a $17 discrency in our payment they reported our credit and our score dropped 50 points.

Basically, my husband thought the payment was $5 less a month then it was.

I received a call from WFDS about the balance. I explained what happened and said I would make it up on my next payment, which was only a week or so away and they said that was fine. I thought it was over.

A few days later, I received another phone call. This time I spoke to someone who was treating me as though I was three full payments behind on my loan instead of just $17. I explained I had already talked to someone and so forth. She said that was not acceptable and I needed to pay her over the phone right then and wanted to know if would have continuing financial problems that would prevent me from paying my loan payments on time. Because of how rude she was being, I told her I had already talked with someone else and would correct the balance on my next payment.

We went to make a large purchase a few months later and we were surprised to find that our credit rating had dropped and we didnt qualify for premium financing anymore. Turns out WFDS reported our $17 balance as a 30 days late payment to the credit agencies.

We called and spoke to many different people at WFDS and were unable to get anyone to offer to remove the hit and they just kept justifying their actions. We are getting rid of the truck and will not be using them again.

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I don't understand how your husband could think the payment was $5 less than what was supposed to be. When you sent in your payment with the stub or schedule a payment online, wasn't that a minimum amount shown?

to anonymous #879715

He was paying online through our bank.I received the statements by email and he paid the bills.

I told him the monthly cost upon our first notice and he set the amount to pay each month when he went to pay the first bill. Yes, he keyed in the wrong amount by mistake and continued to pay that amount each month thinking he was paying the correct amount. That in itself was our fault for not paying more attention, which we were willing to correct, but the treatment was undeserving of a $17 discrepency. Do you think someone should ask you if you will continue to have financial problems and be unable to pay your bill in that scenerio?

It was a $5 per month difference on a car note.We were obviously not trying to screw them out of their payment.


WFDS Stockton is the worst!Do not ever give them your bank account they will attempt to draw payments of of your account without your approval!

Also never give them your work number they will also call your job even after you ask them not too!If you ever fall behind they will treat you like trash!

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