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I was recently married and moved from Mississippi to Florida. I called Wells Fargo to start the process to change my last name on my auto loan account and title, and also to have my car titled in Florida instead of Mississippi. They told me to fax the marriage license along with a photo ID to them and they would file the name change. They told to go to the DMV to request the paperwork to have the car title transferred to FL from MS. I faxed the necessary documents to have the name change and a week later received a letter from their titling department stating that I needed to ask the FL DMV to process the name change for me. I called WF back and explained that I had not yet filled out the paperwork to title my car in FL and that my car was still registered in MS so going to the FL DMV would be useless. She kept saying over and over again "Well I just don't know then" "Different states have different laws" . Needless to say nothing was solved.

I explained that I had asked the DMV when I was there last week if the to get the paperwork for the title if I could just do the name change when I processed the title change from one state to another and they said no that I had to have Wells Fargo do it by faxing them the info and that is what the customer service rep at Wells Fargo had said last week as well.

I also have an auto loan through TD Auto and have started this whole process with them at the same time I did with WF and have had no issue from them, They processed all requests without any back and forth nonsense. That is how I know that this mess with WF is just a bunch of bs. It appears that someone doesn't want to do their job.

This is the 3rd run in I have had with WF since I started this auto loan with them in Sept 2011.

The first one was having them harass me constantly about payment for a car on my account that wasn't even suppose to be on there. I explained several times that I only had one car through them and that that other car was not suppose to be on my account. They finally realized their mistake on that one. WITH NO APOLOGY.

The second run in was when I wasn't receiving monthly statements from them. I called to verify that they had my address and phone number correct and the guy that I spoke with was a complete a*s and told be that if I would "Be quiet for a minute that he might could help me".

I am so SICK of Wells Fargo Dealer Services!!! DO NOT use them unless you want run arounds and rude reps every time you need to get something done!

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