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Bought a vehicle just over a year ago... Recently, after losing my job after 19 years, I fell behind on my payments.

Tried explaining to WF of my situation, that I was fostering 2 extra children one of which has cerebral palsy, and that my own 17 year old daughter had ACL reconstruction and meniscus removal, they did not care. All of my payments had been on time, with even a few payments being OVER what my minimum was due. Just this last august, the car was taken. I made the payment to her the car back, but scandalous as they are...

They led me to believe that my august payment was included in the payment to get my car back. I made a payment in September ($58 short) and October 3rd they came and took my vehicle again... (Stating my loan was 49 days in default... ) Crazy part here...

Depending on which number I call, one said I was 49 days in default, while the other said I only owed $542. But then these fine people of Wells Fargo collection specialist (her name is Jessica to be exact) informs me that they refuse to reinstate my loan, that they do not deal with people who have 2 repossessions. I tried explaining to her that I was not told that the lump sum I paid in august did not include my august payment, that I was led to believe it did, and that I was good until my September payment. This "account collection supervisor" informed me that she was done with me, that they were done doing business with me, I asked to speak to someone above her...

She informed me that's she was not going to allow me to talk to "500 people from her office just to get the answer I wanted"... I stated I just wanted to talk to someone who would listen to me instead of talking over me... She informed me she was done, that Wells Fargo was no longer doing business with me.

This all for a misunderstanding of a month a payment?

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Maple Heights, Ohio, United States #938139

I would never trust them again. And can't wait until I can pay my car off.

By any means necessary. They are not helpful.


A few means 2 fyi not 3 to. Four if u contacted them in a timely responsible fashion u would have received assistance and if u were irresponsable then u lost your car enabled wawa the world owes me everything entitled *** pants i wonder how much of mh taxes have paid for your stuff

to Hard worker Bothell, Washington, United States #941664

Had I known the loan was in default... I would have.

FYI... NONE of your tax dollars have paid for MY stuff. Don't make assumptions of others. Judging by the way you spell...

I'm betting my tax dollars have paid for a few of your things.


Oh... And she hung up on me....

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