I drove my car off the dealers lot in November 2012 and it is now October 2013 and this guy Brandon at Wells Fargo says my loan is new and its only been a few months I am not happy with Wells Fargo Dealer Services financing at all the CSR (Brandon) is rude and even when I make payments per agreements I am talked down to by the account rep they tell me that they are doing the general manager of the dealership a favor by accepting my loan and where did I get the money from to make my payment and then I am put on hold constantly by a man name Brandon he tells me that I need to catch up he is rude even when I call in to make my payments in full per agreement he still ask me well how did I get the money what is going on and perhaps I need to get a payday loan or figure it out all I can say is we all have a job to do but being nasty to someone who is making payments is outside the realms of getting your job done that is just un necessary and bad business practice I would never recommend anyone to use this financing company. Life happens and in my case I had a couple of months of medical issues but always stayed in touch and made payments on my loan so when someone is trying to do the right thing and they are struggling they don’t need the financing company judging them and act like your money is nothing or not good enough

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