I am a single mother who has fallen on some unexpected hard times and I have tried to explain to the *** at Wells Fargo. All he does is yell and tell me that I need to do better.

My car payment has never fallen even 30 days past due. Every person I talk to is rude and won't listen to me. When they supposedly "note my account," it is amazing that the "notes" disappear the next time I talk to someone. I hung up on them last night.

They don't want to help you, they just want to act like big shots and be judgmental!

I will never, ever use them for any banking or loan services again. They are awful!!!!!!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #805316

Diana for your information i do not work,I am retired from my job.And i always pay my bills before i take on anything else.The point is we never know when somthing is going to happen in life that can place us in a financial bind.As far as a job downsizing that can happen to anyone at anytime.This is why know one should over extend their self because of the way these jobs are downsizing and Just plain going out of business.I retired in 08,But i had to wait for about 6 mos.Before i started getting my retirement.If i had not used the money that i had wisely guess what would have happen.I would be singing the same old sob story as everyone else.Something's i had to let go in order to make my car payment's.But i made each and everyone of them.Never being late and Never asking for a hand out.I know how to spend my money wisely and Not over extend myself.I do not try to keep up with the Jones.I live a very nice life,But i always and I mean always place my bill's first this is all i am saying.I am to "Blessed To Be Stressed" By a lot of bill's.This is why i stay within my mean's.

Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States #766435

Same situation here. Some A-hole named JIM calls me when I am one day late EVERY month even though I have a 10 day grace period.

Tells me he is going to "repo" my car if I don;t pay right then and there. I always pay online or at the branch FOR FREE. He tells me that is unnacceptable. I am never more than 30 days and usually if I late at all I always make partial payments.

They are OUT OF CONTROL there.

Dallas, Texas, United States #713728

All the "SOB" Stories.Just pay your"Dam Bill's On Time OK".I am sooooooo tired of hearing about your problem's.If you cannot afford the vehicle let it go back.These people do not owe you nothing you owe them.I can understand how tired they get of you all with all the sob stories.GEEZ give them a break.I was a Wells Fargo Dealer Services customer at one time.I cannot say that i ever got behind on my vehicle payment.But what i can say is,I would never telephone Wells Fargo Dealer Services to cut me a break.I would let something not important go to take care of something important like my car note.Be Responsible People.Please stop with the whining.

to LINDA Dema, Kentucky, United States #766437

Well Linda I sure hope nothing devestating or unexpected ever happens to you in life finacially. Sounds like you've got it made.

When your job downsizes unexpectedly there isn't much you can do. You don't buy a car or get a loan expecting not ot be able to pay it.

Oh and yes the simple solution is to "let the car go back" so they can sell it for half it's worth and you pay the difference for a car you already paid on for 2 years? No wonder you worked there, you are exactly the kind of customer service rep the world doesn't need.

Let me guess where you work now???

Collections, telemarketing? LMAO


I too fell on hard times as a single father who was the stay-at-home dad when my wife left our marriage and provided no support to me. I too had a very similar experience with WFDS as the single mother describes above.

At one point I was called a "f***ing ***" as I was being transferred to a supervisor. At no point in any of my conversations did I feel like I was being heard or listened to. That customer service person should have been fired, but the supervisor acted like I was making it up (even though it was recorded as all calls are). They're attitude about my hardship case was to treat me like a deadbeat; the couldn't care less what my situation was, they just wanted their money and refused to work with me in any capacity, continuing to tack on late charges (even though I had caught up with the current payments).

Like the single mother above, I will never use Wells Fargo or any of its subsidiaries for any banking or loan services again.

They are truly despicable and predatory. :(


Don't feel by yourself, me too had serious problem with their Reps and Supervisors being rude and unprofessional. They dont want to listen to you.

They dont know what Empathy means. Im less than 30 days past due-planning to pay on payday which is friday but they dont want to listen and they constantly harrassing me and treated me poorly but I suck it in and pray. So now I consulted a Lawyer about this harassment and violation of FDCPA. Not only for 1 incident, several times.

You just have to know your Rights.

Let me know how to contact you so I can refer u to my Attorney. God Bless!


HA, Thank you Hancock. I TOO have had serious NON stop issues with Wells Fargo, as so have many on this site.

I was bullied into tears by a "supervisor", when I asked him to just be a human being and listen to what I was saying, he started screaming at me. I've NEVER in my life been treated so poorly by ANYONE like I was by a SUPERVISOR! I was speechless and in shock. At the end of the conversation, I informed him that I had taped our conversation and would be taking it to my lawyer, he went NUTS!

Telling me that he was noting all of this and that it would be a deciding factor in getting my car back. I could go on and on about my situation, but it seems like everyone is dealing w/ the same BS. They don't care that people have issues, even though I've paid every payment and even paid the late fees, they still took my car in the middle of the night like cowards. I've complained constantly about not being able to pay online because I have been locked out and due to my job, I am constantly on the road.

I haven't rcvd statements in months. I always pay, sorry if its a few days late. I'm a single mom w/ two children. not getting a dime in child support and I work 80+ hours a week.

All I asked was for them to be a human being and help me get to the bottom of this and find a solution. I was berated by their vindictive supervisor who did nothing but lie, talk down to me and bully me.

And I've now been on HOLD for over an hour waiting to speak to them about my car. Is there ANYONE out there that can help us?????


Oh geez, here goes Joan again verbally berating people. My advice to anyone on pissedconsumer who has the unfortunate bad luck of reading Joan's comments: just ignore Joan and her mindless ramblings and pointless comments.

Report her.

She's a troll, plain and simple. Get off your high horse, Joan, and start acting like an actual human being.


You aren't the only single mother who has fallen on unexpected hard times. You can't expect loan companies to let everybody get by, if they are harassing you you must be behind on the car payments, or did you apply for another loan and get turned down. There has to be a reason and I'm sure you know what it is.

to Joan #586386

Joan, do you work for wads? I think you must.

I also think wads must have some sort of *** detector test before they will hire you.

Theresa, Kim, and especially David have all exhibited their assholishness to me. It's an awful company with awful people.

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