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If you hadn't already heard Wells Fargo repossessed my truck for one missed payment of $250.00 six months ago and never notified me that there was a problem. Wells Fargo is now demanding payment of the entire loan of $9,500.00 which I can't afford.

I can't get my truck back but both friends and strangers have rallied to let big banking know they can't treat people this way just by calling the bank presidents office and saying Cindy said Hi.

They have now transferred the phone line to the insurance department but don't worry they will take a message if you press #4. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and keep the calls coming 1-877-250-2265.

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I made a lengthy response post on your other review. I just wanted to thank you for the information because who knows how long it would have taken me to get the correct email address?


This number was from the Wells Fargo office of the president. They were responding to an online complaint that I filed against their company. They were not a collections department.

Los Angeles, California, United States #971444

Report them to bbb. They are handling my complaint


Thank you for this info . I will be putting it to good use :grin


I had a auto loan that was being paid off by the gap insurance company I called Wells Fargo to ask questions. The guy saw that the last 191.85 would be paid of the same day he would not answer any of my questions told me to look on like then put his manager on the phone which told me you are talking but saying a whole lot of nothing then told the agent to hang the phone up.

I tried calling back to told to someone in customer service but got the run around.The next day I did get a customer service manager that gave me a fax# and mailing adderss for corporation complaints. 888-329-4855, P.O. BOX 168071 Ervin TX.

75016. Mailing Code T9017-024

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