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Update! We were told by WFDS that these charges in our account COULD NOT BE REVERSED. Seems if you contact the right people and you are RIGHT anything can happen. We got a call and were told that after leaving a name and number for the supervisor\'s supervisor to call us, the supervisor was told to reverse the charges. Imagine that! When you persist and you are right someone in the organization sees the light.

However, this does not change my recommendation that they not be used. Their customer service people ARE rude and talk over you and refuse to listen.


Original review posted by user Oct 12, 2012

Many months ago we got an interest free auto loan from a local GM dealer. Had we known it was through Wells Fargo we would have gone else where. In the past we had dealings with Wells Fargo Bank and were not impressed. A good friend of mine works for Wells Fargo bank and I have let her know that we won't do business with them but haven't gone into the reasons.

The credit union that we had an automatic payment through to WFDS was shutting down all local branches so the account was closed. I made sure that I made the payment though online banking and that it got through in plenty of time. Now, apparently WFDS requested a payment from our credit union on the account that we closed and figures that we owe THEM because we didn't have money in that account. I made a payment through online banking on September 25th to cover that month. Right thing to do right? WRONG!!! WFDS and our bank set up the auto payment between each other. Now, WFDS says that because they did not get their payment (which I already paid 5 days prior) on the 29th we now have to pay a fee because our October 29th payment is delinquent. Today's date is OCTOBER 12th!

When I asked the customer services rep about this she said there is a fee because their request was denied by the bank. They already have their payment yet they want to charge us a fee. Hmmmmm.

To make matters worse she told me that the credit union did not know their policy about rejected requests and the fee associate with it. She told me that we should have let them know 7 days in advance that we had to close the account. Really? We had it in place to make the payment yet they wanted to know ahead of time what were had to do? Really? We're we ever notified of the policy? NO! Did they have any signed document that said they had informed us of such fees? NO! Then how are we supposed to know what their policies are? We are just supposed to know I guess.

Now, between my husband and me we talked with two customer services reps. One being a rep and the other a supervisor. Believe me when I say that they know nothing about customer service.

I am saddened that corporations in this day and age institute policies and fees that we know nothing about and then try to blackmail us into paying them. It's no wonder that America is in such dire straights. If this is how Wells Fargo Dealer Services does business I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

We will get this resolved and will get satisfaction. These guys are unbelievable. They are the champions in BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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I have been battling WFDS and their shoddy practices and downright rude and nasty customer service issues for a year and a half now. Just hung up on them AGAIN five minutes ago.

Unbelievable that they don't take payments online or over the phone with a debit or credit card.

I hate them and really can't wait until my car is paid off so I no longer have to deal with their nasty business. I will never have anything to do with future services that involve them.


I have called WFDS customer service twice in the two years I have had my car loan with them. Each time I was talked to so rudely and callously I had to hang up (but not before they customer service (?) rep was given a piece of my mind).


Wells Fargo need to come to the 21st Century and take payments over the phone. RU kidding.

They have the worst customer service ever.



to kuy #1129877

Wells Fargo is not a good company to deal with they suck!!!!!!

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