I used to like this company in till . I was treated very poorly by there customer service. I fell behind on my payments got the caught up . I call to find out what was the payoff . They told me 1500

So when I call back a week later to pay it off . I was told it was 2000. So I made the payment of 1500. A refuse and try to fight the differents couple months later

Then I was told to make 2 more parents by 6/14/13

And they wouldn't send it to collection and charge me another 1600 . So I made the payments and Steve the person I talked to reassured me that it would go to collection.so I did make the payments. Then I called back to make one more payments so I could be done with them and I was told that it had been sent to collection.When I ask him about what he said about the other two payments and how he had lie to me . Just like another employee did . He got rude and told me he did not lie to me . Then I talk to his supervisor she was even more rude to me .

So to anyone who reads this .please be advised that wellfargo is nothing but rude people and will try to charge u fees and lie to u so u have to pay even more and when u question them about it they r very rude . I personally told them that I would post comments about them through the internet on how bad of a company they are and the way they do thing. Remember the way to hurt a company is word of mouth so please tell everyone u know not to use them . Its a scam.

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