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It\'s been a few hours and I\'ve already talked with two managers(Harrell & Jacklin). While both offered to stay on the line while I conferenced in the manager from US Bank in order for them to get verbal confirmation that I have not filed a SEH (or whatever is called) claim on my money and after try two-three times and having to borrow a phone that does three way calls because none of these institution can call our supposedly, I finally got a manager from US bank on the phone to confirm whatever they needed to know, after which to hear from the WFDS manager that it will take about three days for this to process and for the money to be sent.

At which I was completely astonished. Wait a second? Why did I go through all this trouble in the first place? To find out that the money will still arrive on the 27th?!??

That\'s not what I was told by the other manager, Harrell. He told me that in order for the service to be EXPEDITED (whatever that means to them) I need to get the confirmation from US Bank, which I did, yet after I did, to find out that it actually DID NOT MATTER and I\'m still going to receive the money next week. WHAT THE HECK?! If this is not lying to the customer, what is?!

Then Jacklin has asked me if I wanted the funds back any sooner I need to pay $20 via credit card to have the funds overnight to me. To pay to get my money back?! Are you SERIOUS OR are you completely out of your mind?!

I have no more words and energy to deal with these people. I will refinance my car through somebody else so I NEVER EVER AGAIN HAVE TO DEAL WITH WELLS FARGO DEALER SERVICES!

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2011

I have a car loan with Wells Fargo Dealer Services and I have been paying extra for my down payment and in advance up to 5 months. This month I decided to cancel the automatic payment which was normally registered on the 17th of each month, and that's because we're taking a month long vacation and we need the cash to pay the bills that are coming up while we're gone (I don't get paid while gone).

So I called WFDS on the 15th after I sent the request in via faxed and I talked with one of their representatives (I don't remember their name). He told me they will make sure the payment is going to be stopped in time before the 17th, made sure he put a urgency note on that but also said that he can not guarantee that it will not go through as they need up to 72 hours heads up. Sure enough, not on the 17th, but on the 20th the payment is taken out of my bank account(which in my calculation is definitely over the 72 hours mark). So I called them on the 20th and I asked them why wasn't the automatic payment cancelled and why are the money take out of my account, after I have sent the faxed in (the confirmed they received it that very day on the 15th) and after I have also confirmed with that representative to make sure the payment won't go thorough.

This other guy I was talking with, Eric, apologized and made me write another letter and fax it to them requesting the funds to be transferred back to my bank account the same way they were withdrew and promised me that it wont take more than 24-48 hours for the procedure to take place. Here I am on the 22nd wondering how come the money haven't entered my account so I called them again. This time I spoke with Juliana which is giving me some completely different information: the money will be credited back via check on the 27th. This, after I specifically asked the Eric guy which form will the refund be in because I wanted to make sure that it will be transferred electronically, since I will be out of the country on the 27th.

It seems that all along I was feeding lies, starting with the first guy which told me that the automatic payment will be stopped in time, to the Eric guy promising me that the refund will be done electronically the same way it came out of the account and in no more than 24 to maximum 48 hours and now to this Juliana which is giving me a total different story! I got so fed up with their lies and lack of professionalism! I asked to talk with the manager, Bmit, and of course I was only transferred to the voice mail, without her giving me a number to call back, in case it gets disconnected, and now I'm hoping for someone to call me back to take care of this mess!

I won't be in town to cash the *** check on the 27th and I need the money this week, not next week! Why is it so FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING to deal with these people!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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