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This company should not be allowed to continue conducting business. They harass me daily, they call me at least 3 times a day (from 9am-around dinner time )and leave mean and threatening messages about reposessing my vehicle.

This starts after only a couple days of my payment being late . Their customer service reps are terribly rude and condescending, and interrupt you while you are speaking . They have contacted my best friend in the past and my older brother -informing them of my financial situation and giving them the gory details of my account status!!! They break laws and they really cross the line and i really dont understand how and why they are allowed to continue treating people this way .

I desperatly regret getting my car loan through wachovia - not because they were a bad company , but because they sold to wells fargo.

This company has brough nothing but stress and headaches and i would strongly suggest not doing business with wells fargo dealer services . I have never written a review online for anything because i dont have the time or strong enough desire- but after how this company has treated me i will take an hour out of my day if it means saving one person from going through the anguish of dealing with this horrible company !!

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Nikalseyn - you obviouly work as a customer service rep for wells fargo dealer services ....your personal attack is unnecessary and will be deleted ...:) have a great day :)


You obviously work for wells fargo services ..your comment is a personal attack and will be deleted :) have a wonderful day !! :)


I don't suppose you have ever considered that you are a deadbeat and Wells Fargo is just trying to get you to pay your bills? Just a thought. Perhaps, if you got off the dole; moved out of your in-laws basement; and got a job you would be able to better appreciate the responsibilities in life.

to nikalseyn #1027256

You have to work for Wells Fargo or 8th you don't I would apply because you are exactly what they are looking for in reps. IGNORANT PEOPLE

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