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Wells Fargo Dealer Services claimed that I don't have insurance and added $88. to my car payment.

I called Wells Fargo and a person named Sara said they couldn't reach my Insurance agent and they haven't returned their calls, another day I called and spoke to Robert who said they called my Insurance company and they refused to provide information about my insurance.

This happens every 6 months when my policy is renewed.

My car loan was originally with Wachovia before Wells Fargo bought them out. I never had this problem with Wachovia!

I travel with my company a lot, and I bought this car new in 2009 so that my wife who is disabled would have dependable transportation.

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Yes, well, I just found out yesterday they have added over a $100 to my monthly payment, even though I did have an insurance policy in place, but evidently it didn't have the right coverage.

hopefully this will get resolved otherwise I will be contacting BBB for help

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