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Purchased a brand new Hyundai Sonata from Charlotte, NC in 2011 that cost over $32k. Paid off the loan except for $7,241 bcuz we moved and asked for the title to be transferred to Pennsylvania.

I did everything they asked me to do and set up a new payment plan with Isahiah on June 5, 2018. Faxed in a paper that was signed and explained that until my loan was fullfilled I would pay $500 a month as per my original loan agreement. . W.F.D.S repossessed my vehicle two weeks ago and now wants $8k in full by 12-24-18 or I lose my vehicle.

I've contacted the Pennsylvania attorney general and the United States attorney general to fix this matter.

If we had no intention of paying off this loan, why would we pay 90% of it off. Wells Fargo Dealer Services will not work with me, so I will continue to turn their company upside down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Dealer Services Auto Loan.

I liked: Phone representatives, Was never happy but need the vehicle.

I didn't like: Hidden fees, Misinformation from customer service, Poor communication, Customer service.

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You allegedly being a veteran has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this other than YOU trying to play THAT sympathy card. This is a disgrace to those who serve honorably and proudly.

You can cry and whine to anybody you want but if you defaulted on the contract then you will deal with the consequences. Let's save the feet stomping to those under the age of three.


LOL... Great job on trying to pad out your banal and lame rant with your vet status.

What does that have to do with you not paying your note as promised. A man or woman honor their debts. Please pull the paperwork and show the clause that said you could stop paying and then start up when you felt like it and you should be fine.

Pro Tip: IF you owe money on a loan, it IS NOT paid off. This is on YOU and your poor money handling abilities.

to Anonymous #1615620

I've paid every vehicle off that I've ever financed in full and had every intention of doing the same with this vehicle. Get a new hobby.

You don't have the ability to get under my skin. Have a great day!

to Anonymous #1615656

Do you not have any respect for our Military families or disabled American Army Veteran's?.. Seems as though you need a new hobby, because getting under my skin isn't gonna work.

Now, if you want to understand the whole story... Ask. I've financed many vehicles and I've completely paid them in full, because I understand that an agreement is my word.

Wells Fargo Dealer Services did not honor their word and I have an issue with them, not you. So please, find something better to do with yourself other than the degradation of a disabled United States Army Veteran.

to Anonymous #1617297

Being a Disabled Veteran myself, this is on you. If you didn’t make good on your contractual agreement, it is not WellsFargo fault, regardless of situation.

If you defaulted even once, you defaulted on the loan. That is very black and white.

to Boogey Man #1617949

Understandable. Although, Hyundai Corporate refused a recall on my vehicle because the VIN number didn't match, needless to say they now are going to honor the recall for steering after the repossession of my vehicle.

I tried to honor my agreement with Wells Fargo Dealer Services, but they didn't honor their word by sending my title to Pennsylvania to have the car registered and inspected. How can you legally drive a vehicle without those two essentials being obtained?.

Wells Fargo Dealer Services is completely in the wrong and so is Hyundai Motor Vehicles for refusing a serious safety issue recall on my 2011 Hyundai Sonata until I contacted the the NHSTA. I've always paid off my loans for everything and intended to do the same with this vehicle.

to Anonymous #1617947

Look! Another deadbeat sympathy card player!

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