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Three months straight I paid my normal payment of 399 and principal of 201 and these people call me and say I have not made my payment at all. What the *** are they doing?

I think they are trying to get all the interest they can get out of you there statement don't even give the option on principal so I write on my check and statement and guess what they call again.... think twice about using this company they can't get there *** together if I pay 600.00a month 10days before due how can I be late or no payment made I ask yes we see were you paid they put it on the next months payment WHAT????

I have all check cleared and every month I have to go though this talk to supervisor it do help at all.. All I have to say don't mess up my credit or I will sue the *** out of wells Fargo...

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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thank you for sharing. you are not alone.

i am trying to connect with people who have these same complaints.

can you email me and I can tell you more? solutionsbutton@gmail.com

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