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I was in a bad car accident that totaled my car on October 1st. (Accident was not my fault). At the time of the accident my loan balance was about $17,412.90 -- my insurance co. paid $15,324.12 and I have a pending GAP claim for the balance. Well, since the insurance company made that payment in Oct. I didn't make an Oct. car payment, I was also out of work for over 3-weeks. I was told this morning that GAP would be sending over a check this week in the amount of $2,133.78 -- so, I shouldn't owe Wells Fargo anything!! (My note was due on the 23rd of every month)

But, I got a bill from them saying that my account was past due for Oct. and that I owed for Nov. and I needed to make a payment immediately to avoid collection. So, I call them this morning and get the rudest witch on the planet that tells me that the payment they received in Oct. from the insurance company did not count as a "payment" and that's why my account is past due. Then when I explained about the GAP payment she said "well, there again, that doesn't count as a "payment" and if its not enough to cover the principal and the interest you will still be required to pay off the loan." & I'm like, "well, according to my statement it should be more than enough." And she just continued to be rude and said "well, we don't have that yet so, I don't know and I can't help it that you don't understand, so, if that's all have a nice day!" (and hung up the phone)

So, yea.. explain to me how them receiving a payment of over $15,000 doesn't count as a payment?? Maybe I don't "get it"... because it surely does not make any sense to me! But being talked down to and in a condescending manner is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

I'm just going to wait until they get the GAP payment and see what they do, but, I don't see how on God's green earth that I would owe anything else. And these employees need some training in customer service because I do not appreciate being treated this way when I'm the victim in all of this.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1235370

When a car is totaled the insurance company pays the primary and the gap pays the rest. Only a *** would send wells Fargo any money in the period between the two payoff.

I am in the same situation and I know better than to send Wells Fargo any extra money (they will keep it for as long as they can legal hold on to it) Customer service is told to be rude and brusque as a tactic to get money through intimidation.

I had a friend that made an extra payment and it took 2 years to finally get his money back.

to Anonymous #1383531

I STILL haven’t received my GAP refund, warranty refund AND my credit reports show that I still owe the full amount my insurance company paid off almost three years ago. WFDS needs to be shut down for fraud.

Professional finance companies do not behave in this manner. Absolutely unacceptable!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #949318

Wells Fargo Dealer Services is correct that you still owe payment until vehicle is cleared.All insurance companies is the same.If their is a balance left on the vehicle after payment from insurance company and Gap the remainder amount is your balance until the case is closed.Just because the insurance company issued a check to Wells Fargo Dealer Services does not mean the vehicle is paid off in full OK.If you had made your payments then you would be clear because your gap would probably pay the remainderof the contract.You just cannot stop making payments because you think your insurance company or your gap has paid the vehicle off.Also you were probably treated badly because you yourself Disrespected the CSR and I do not place blame on these people at all.Everyone deserves Respect. It does not matter if you are up set when you telephone these people or not.They are Human also and They have Feelings just like you.My vehicle contract was transfered to Wells Fargo Dealer Services from Washington Mutual OK.I went through bankruptcy and Guess what Wells Fargo Dealer Services CSR was so nice and Professional when I spoke to them about not getting my billing statements.The CSR explained to me that I had to make Two payments back to back before they would start re-sending my billing statements again.I made the Two billing statements without them billing me and Guess what at this moment my vehicle is paid in full sense 2013.It's not what you say,It's how you say it.You want respect right?You have to give Respect to Receive Respect.Learn That know one owe's you a Da- thing.You owe them.WTF.

to Linda New York, New York, United States #1225710

How ignorant are you? First of all you can't even speak in correct grammar.

Secondly, what do you think GAP insurance is for? It is to completely pay off the remainder of your balance that the insurance didn't cover. If the GAP insurance was already being directly mailed to the loan company (since you know...

that's what they do. I assume you know that anyway) there is no need to make a payment and OVERpay them


Had the same thing happen to me with Capital One.I had bought the car 3 months before. Car totaled at no fault of my own, etc.

Same exact thing. Utter ridiculousness.

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