The company does not take responsibility for their screw up. Poor excuses and sorry management, specially having to deal with the office of the president.

I am not happy and I am pissed I even tried to get them to refi an application.

I will never recommend them or do business, ever, with them.

Little by little wellsfargo and their extension are loosing business. Well deserved. Now my credit report is fixed but it has been a torture to go through this with them.

It is best that it didn't work out, truly would have only had to deal with more running around and BS.

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I forgot to mention that they reported me to Trans Union that I was late on my payment which I wasn't, I paid early on my car payment.


I hear you there. I regret ever having to finance my vehicle with them.

They are lousy in all aspects. I don't have anything good to say about them. Wells Fargo is actually one of our clients at the company I work for, seems like they employ a lot of *** in the company regardless of what department it is. Talk about having to call them and be put on hold for 20 minutes then get back to talk to you for 5 minutes then put you on hold for another 20 minutes.

I totally agree on them not taking full responsibility. I will never finance with them ever again. I'll just go through my bank next time which I should have done in the first place.

Wells Fargo made a name for themselves...taking money from you (i.e. the news about them taking money from their customers without their knowledge)

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