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Husband and I bought a 2010 Ford Escape in 2012 all payments were made on time until August of 2017 of which I called them asked if I could make an interest Payment and they said I could and I paid the amount requested. Then September came up, we found our self in a financial crunch.

I called them to let them know what we going thru, they asked if I could make payment of 395.00 which was less than the 447.52 payment we had made until we got in our financial crunch. I told them that would try but could not promise. At that point, they threatened to REPO the car. I asked they could hold on for a few more months as my husband was applying for a State Job, (and buy he got the job) and it would take at least a month before we would see his first check.

He Started his part-time job with the State on the 13th of November. The first payday in December was the first Friday of the month. I called them to let them know that we were able to make payments and I would send them a payment on the 18th of the month which was when our regular payments were made. At that point, they asked me for 1447.52.

I told them that I could make the 447.52 but would have to be creative on the $1000.00. So I went to a friend of 30 years and asked if she could help and she did. I called WFDS to let them know that I had all the money they asked for. At that point they were asking for $2000.00, the monthly payment and all late charges, they said no.

So asked if our account could be reviewed and could we refi the loan for the remaining balance of the loan(car was to due to being paid in full in April 2018). They told me to call back the next day. In the meantime at 4 am the next day they came and had the car repoed the car. My husband went to go to work later that morning, the car was gone.

I called them and said that they didn't even give us a warning about taking the car nor had they sent a letter or called to let us know. I then went on to tell them that I have been in constant contact with you since August about this. They told that there no notes in our file that indicated that we even called them. Then I said how could you be so cruel to take away our one and only car for my husband to go to work in and to take a handicapped person's car with the placard in the windshield and my wheelchair in the back.

At this point, I demanded that they tell me where my car was and that I want it back. I have a $1000.00 plus Dec payment, this time they were asking for the pay off amount of $4666. 17. I said, lady, if I had the payoff amount you would have had it by now and you people are not trying hard enough to help us out, besides how can we pay you if we don't have a car for my husband to go to work so that we can pay you.

Their reply was, that's not our problem and you being handicapped is also not our problem. So I replied with a few choice word and hung up, but not till I got them to tell me where my car was. I called the place where my car was, but they were closed for the weekend. I called the Repo company on Monday and asked if my car was there, they asked for the vin# on my car, my reply was the Vin# is on my registration in the glove box but I can give you my name address and the license plate# for the car, nope we need the vin#, I replied thanks for all your help, NOT and hung up.

It occurred to me that the vin# would be on my insurance papers and it was, so I called them back gave them the vin#. They had my car, I told them not to touch the car or take the plates off until I could settle this with WFDS. Called WFDS and asked them to work with us and asked how could they be so heartless and cruel to do this to a handicapped person. They said they were were going to report to the credit bureaus and ruin our credit, I replied so whats new you have already ruined it by not working with us and hung up.

I called the repo company said that we would be down the next day to recover personal belongings in the car(we borrowed my sister in laws car). When we finally saw the car it had a cracked windshield, two good chips on the car, 2 tires that were all worn on the inside of the tire and our GPS was missing and my hand's free device for our cell phones and my wheelchair. I was livid. The tires were practically new.

We on the waiting list to have the tires rotated and have the car realigned. Get this $800 plus in tires the car had gone 27K since the car got the tires in June of 2014. Well, the car went to Auction today Jan 2, 2018, and I have received a letter saying that they wanted over $5000.00 to get the car back and if they unable to get the price they want at wholesale to recover the costs that we would be billed for remaining amount. I'm ready for a fight because they are going to pay for a new wheelchair for me(wheelchairs cost over 6,000), our GPS, hands-free device for cell phones, if not then they will be dealing with our lawyer.

Based on all the dealings that other people have gone thru I think we have a good case!

Since then we have gone to a second-hand dealership and managed to refi an older car. One thing I always have done in life is to tell the truth about things.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Dealer Services Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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you are an adult company employee and its your job to tell wf is to big to fail and we don't care . pay your bill or we will turn on the auto dialer to get your ATTN

Don't Use WFDS


Cutting they all your words attempting to paint yourself as a victim, you failed to make payments on time and you had no income with which to make payments. They are NOT your charity and YOU defaulted.

They did a repo because YOU were late and YOU had no ability to pay...period...end of story!

No need to stomp your feet and attempt to discredit them. You very clearly caused a repo and don't bother...I'll save you the effort...I don't work for them!

to Anonymous #1432225

Nice answer robot

to Anonymous #1432227

Discredit is for a good company. You clearly are terrible.

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