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I have called several times to have my due date changed to the 18th of the month, was told I would receive a form in the mail, Never received! We sent them a letter with this request which we both signed.

Still this has not been done!

We bought the truck in August, to this date we still have had no correspondence from this bank. I will try to refinance somewhere else.

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Another DEADBEAT trying to play "Lets Change The Due Date" game! Its a page right out of the "Deadbeat's Handbook".

I guess the next temper tantrum will be when you discover all the extra interest YOU generate when YOU continue to be late! Of course, it will all be their fault, right? You sorry deadbeats just can't comprehend paying on time is NOT optional!

Oh but they are so, so cruel and are a predatory lender (because they hold you to the promise you made to pay on time)! Funny!

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