I am very upset that the customer service rep was not professional and/or honest enough to tell me that they couldn't update my info because I'm considered "third-party". Had I have known that they couldn't tell me anything or receive anything from me, I wouldn't have wasted their time or mine.

All I called about was to give them our new address and phone number, as well as inquire on what the late fee was. They would tell me nothing. The customer service rep asked me for the new info and I even spelled out and repeated some things to her, but when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was very disappointed. He told me that they couldn't give me anything because I was considered a third-party.

Well, then I asked him why they could take updates from me if I could be just anybody calling in, and not give me the late fee amount. He went on to tell me, and I quote, "Who's to say that we even took that information from you?" I'm sorry, but you DO NOT DECEIVE people when it comes to them giving you that important information. It's a WASTE OF THEIR TIME as well as the customer service reps' time. They need to tell customers IN THE BEGINNING that if their name IS NOT on the loan account, that they can't take any info from or give any info to them.

Anyway, I eventually found my username and password and updated the info myself.

But, I will NEVER call them again!!! I will ask my husband to do the calling instead.

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