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My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home, made offer on the house and everything. We had an auto through WF, the truck was totaled a total loss in Feb of 2017, the truck had full coverage and GAP insurances.

We were told the truck was paid off. But on our credit it shows we owe 16k on the truck and that we are still making 576.00 payments even though there is no truck to pay for, because it is paid off. I call WF to figure this out, they say I owe 1,700 for something, honestly I am not even sure for, never really got a straight answer as to why. So, anyway I agreed to pay the 1,700 so I could get my debt to income ratio corrected for my mortgage company, so I set up a payment arrangement to pay off the remaining balance.

All is good and great, sign the offer on my new home, I call WF and they tell me my account is closed and charged off and they won't take my money, they closed it the day after I set up my payment arrangement, and just destroyed my husband's credit and just quite potentially cost us our dream home. Nobody was willing to work with me, finally I got the number to WF Office of the President, I am hoping this can be rectified in a timely manner, I am holding out hope. I was more than willing to pay them the money I didn't even know about, to fix the husband's credit report and so we could buy our new home. In the time between the truck being a total loss and to this point I received no correspondence from WF, about the remaining balance.

I really hope they can fix this so I can still get my home.

This company and their ways are destroying Cry the dreams of a Disabled Veteran and his family. Sad

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Dealer Services Loan.

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